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Charter Volume (Feb 17, 2022)

Super Bowl Traffic Review

We're coming in off of Super Bowl weekend. We've seen in the past that when the big game is held in the home city for one of the teams, it has an impact on jet traffic to the game. This year we also heard of some FBO's charging some pretty steep event fees. In fact AOPA published an article reporting four-figure "event" fees at some FBO's. It's interesting to look at how those fees may have impacted traffic.

Here is a look at the industry overall. Volume is up YoY but not to the same degree as the same period in 2021. This past week volume grew by 13.24% versus the week before. This compares with a 27.52% increase for the same two weeks last year. All said though we are trending up 9% month to date versus 2021, which is healthy growth on top of the 2021 volume.

For a while now we have seen Part 91 growth that has been exceeding the Part 135 growth and this week is no exception. Part 91 traffic is showing up 35% MTD when compared with 2021.

We like looking at Teterboro as a barometer and you'll see that when we compare against last year, we are up 68.6% MTD. That said, if we were comparing to two years ago (pre-COVID). we would be down 15.6%. Still there is no question that volume is recovering in NYC.

Looking at Los Angeles for last week, it's pretty clear that LAX saw additional traffic due to the game, which makes sense since it's pretty close to the stadium.

We'll have charts for the rest of the Los Angeles market airports to review at 3:00pm ET. For those who join the call, talk to you shortly! For everyone else, have a great rest of your week.

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