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Charter Volume (Aug 4, 2022)

Volume trend is stable

Two weeks ago, I reported a leveling off of volume in charter and Part 135 at new volume levels. Now as we look back on the month of July, we have more information that confirms that trend. Charter volume for the month has come in at 10.2% below 2021, which is a slight uptick from the -11.3% we saw for the first two weeks of the month. All in all, I would say we have leveled off at this new level. The very latest data shows that if anything we'll see a slight increase in hours rolling forward.

For Part 91 data we are seeing a similar trend. Volume mid-month was at 4.4% above 2021. For the full month of July we came in up slightly at 6.2%.

We are continuing to see softness in volume in major business markets like Teterboro, where traffic for July was off 10%.

That said, the trend for Naples relative to other destinations in Florida is also continues to be strong. Volume here was up 8.2% for the month.

Compare this with Opa Locka, which came in at -10.50% for July.

For those who wish to join the call to see the breakdown by size class, the top 50 O/D pairs, and 50+ other airports, join the call at 3pm and I will walk through the complete deck.

Also, as mentioned two weeks ago, if you would like to see the charter chart on a daily basis, you can see that now by browsing to

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