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Charter Volume (Feb 3, 2022)

A look at KFMY and KSRQ

As mentioned in my last note and our our last call, we will now be showing a rolling 365 days of history compared with one year prior (2021/2020) instead of two years prior (2020/2019). The thinking being that comparing the most recent week/month with the same period from last year is a more valuable comparison than two years ago.

For the charts in this email, I set the end date at January 31st to show the data for the full month of January. You can see that for the industry, we're showing 14.9% above last January. Note that last January's volume was below January 2019, but within 60 days, the 2021 volume grew above 2019. If anyone wants to see the 2022 vs 2020 comparison, send me an email and I'll forward it to you.

Part 91 volume has been seeing higher volumes on an absolute hours and a percentage basis than Part 135, which has been the trend for a while now.

We regularly look at TEB as a barometer for business traffic and we can see that Teterboro is trending 44% above last year, giving clear indication that travel to/from New York City is much stronger now than it has been. Note that we are now comparing vs 2020. If we dial back to 2019, it would show that Teterboro trending 8.9% below 2019 for January.

We know that Florida is and has been exceptionally popular. Historically we have pulled the data for the airports in the Southeast and then Naples on the West Coast. This week I pulled KFMY (Fort Myers) and KSRQ (Sarasota). It's interesting to see how much more popular Sarasota has been.

The above is yet another example of volume trends varying by market. In this case markets that aren't even that far apart.

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