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Back-End Development

How it Works

First and foremost, Tuvoli is a business to business platform. Tuvoli connects brokers (and operators who broker) to suppliers in a fast, efficient, and secure manner. We have built native mobile apps for iOS and Android that promise to let brokers and operators do business anytime, from anywhere. We believe that improving connectivity and leveling the playing field is in everyone's best interest. We need to work together to improve the quality of our product at the industry level, because that is the path to success for us all.

Tuvoli has pre-loaded the jet aircraft in the US air charter fleet onto its platform from data published by the FAA. That means that for most charter companies, signing up is as simple as verifying their company and aircraft info. Our team is standing by to assist at any time along the way. Brokers will go through a verification process that may include a request for references.

Once on the platform, operators will benefit immediately from free fleet flight tracking. Aircraft in your fleet are displayed on a US map that is updated in real-time. Flight strips provide information on the last flight and up-to-date information on any aircraft that are in the air.

Searching for supply or demand begins with entering a point of origin. Our itinerary builder will show you the closest airports to any street address or place name, making it a simple matter to find the closest airport for your customer.

Sourcing aircraft is fast and easy. You can select one or more aircraft in the search results and send out requests for quotes in a matter of seconds. Operators can respond to quotes on their desktops or mobile phones, with just a few clicks or taps.

One of our truly game-changing features is our built in payment capability. We establish a no-fee FDIC insured bank account for every Tuvoli user (company). From there, our platform facilitates funds transfer between any two parties 24/7/365. We eliminate the risk of ACH fraud because we vette every company before they are allowed to transact on the platform.

In addition to the ability to move money, we are introducing the concept of the guaranteed payment for air charter flights. We have been in the industry for decades, and we are quite familiar with the problems we all face. Operators are often waiting for a broker to wire, right down to the wire, or they are accepting a credit card hold, crossing their fingers that the funds will come through. On the other hand, there are plenty of cases where a broker has pre-paid for a trip only to have the aircraft become unavailable at the last minute.

Our solution provides for the buyer (broker) to put the funds into a segregated staging account between the time the trip is confirmed and departure time of the flight. The funds are guaranteed to not move from that account until the trip is completed (or cancelled). Once a trip is complete funds can be moved in a matter of minutes (seconds really), and they can be moved any time of day, any day of the year.

To sum it up, we believe that for our industry to grow, we have to change. We have to build faster, more secure payment systems, and a layer of connectivity between industry players that can support a faster, more consistent, more reliable product for charter consumers. We hope you'll join us on our quest to grow the air charter industry from the inside out.

Our Process


Enter an Itinerary

Entering an itinerary starts by either entering an airport code, a street address, or a place name. In the case of street addresses or place names, Tuvoli will list the closest airports with drive time and runway lengths.

Tuvoli supports any number of flight legs, by entering additional destinations. Dates, departure times, number of passengers, and aircraft classes complete the entry of an itinerary.


Source an Aircraft

Flight search results list the aircraft that make the most sense for a flight. Indivdual aircraft can be selected and a request for quote (RFQ) can be sent.

Operators are alerted with new RFQ's with an estimated price based on data entered by the operator. It takes as little at one click or tap to reply to an RFQ with a Quote.

A buyer reviews quotes and can confirm a quote by docu-signing the contract that is included with the quote. That returns the quote to the operator for final acceptance, which is performed by counter-signing the contract.


Fund Your Trip

Once a contract is in place, a quote becomes a trip, and the buyer is prompted for funds, which are moved into a segregated account. At this point the funds are guaranteed and payment or return of the funds is determined by the terms of the contract between the buyer and the seller.


Fly the Trip / Pay or Get Paid

Once the trip is complete, the operator clicks a button to "close" the trip. This generates an invoice (that can be pushed to the operator's accounting software) and alerts the buyer to release funds.

If you have incremental expenses above the amount quoted, invoices can be uploaded and those charges can then be submitted to the buyer.